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Leica Field Controller

Wider screen, clearer data - power in your hands

The Leica controller offers a robust design and high performance, providing the ultimate in control and convenience with complete mobility. Touch screen technology allows you to process data while a stunning 3D view transforms your Leica Viva GNSS and Leica Nova scanning experiences.

With the Leica Field Controller, you are in complete control and can take your entire office on the go. It provides you with an intuitive user experience and makes your measuring tasks enjoyable.

Red Dot award-winning product design

Integrated DISTO™ for accurate electronic distance measuring

Radio and antenna for long-range robotic total station control

Equipped with the industry-revolutionising field software Leica Captivate, capture and manage complex data with just a simple swipe. You can turn the complex data into the most realistic and workable 3D models. With easy-to-use apps and familiar touch technology, all forms of measured and design data can be viewed in all dimensions. Leica Captivate spans industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe, regardless of whether you work with GNSS, total stations or both.

Customer care at a click 
Through Active Customer Care, a global network of experienced professionals is only a click away to expertly guide you through any problem:

Eliminate delays with superior technical service

Finish jobs faster with excellent consultancy support

Avoid costly site revisits with online service to send and receive data directly from the field.

Control your costs with a tailored Customer Care Package, giving you peace of mind you’re covered anywhere, anytime.


With incredibly easy software, instruments you trust, support that is only a click away – these combine to form the all-encompassing solution of the Leica Captivate Experience for your most challenging demands.

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Leica CS20


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Leica CS35


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Leica Viva CS15 & CS10


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