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  Who We Are?

We are specialized in geomatics and surveying engineering fields with modern concept and tools. We carry out all types of data measurements and data collection, managing and performing complex measurement tasks. That includes, GNSS surveying, Asset data collections, GIS mapping, Laser Scanning. In addition to use the Ground penetrating radar (GPR) to investigate utilities underground surface.


 Our Services

SurveyTEQ is established for delivering the best results through a range of different Geospatial techniques. We offer the following Geospatial services:

3D Laser Scanning

3D Virtual Tour & Walkthrough

Volumetric Calculations

Ground Control Points (GCPs) Survey

Utilites Mapping by GPR

Asset Data Collections

GIS Mapping Survey

As-built Verification by Laser Scanner

Archaeology Survey 

3D Mapping Using Laser Scanner

Laser Scanning, also referred to as Reality Capture or High Definition Surveying is a technology which uses laser beams to measure and capture environments in 3D with speed and accuracy. These services provided to a wide range of clients and project outcomes, and will only continue to grow in popularity with advancements in technology.


Laser Scanning Sample Projects 

As Built BIM Projects (There is attached video)

Tank Calibration (There is attached video)

The Ten Arches Bridge in Amman (There is attached video)

Archaeology Survey Projects (There is attached video) 

 Our Service Profile:



Surveying Projects



  Kirkuk Combine Cycle – 3D Laser scanning for Kirkuk Gas Power              station -Steller Energy USA- IRAQ - 2024

    Jordan Bromine Company – 3D Laser scanning for JBC - Brown and Root company USA- 2024

    Arab Potash Red Potash Werhouse – 3D Laser scanning - TSK PHP Spain- 2023

    Miah al Yarmouk– Underground Utility Mapping -2023

    Subaihy / Al Arda Street – Underground Utility Mapping -2022

    Jerash archalogical park – Underground Utility Mapping -2022

    Baqaa Refugee Camp – 3D Laser scanning and Underground Utility Mapping -2022

      Visit Jordan Project 11 Museums in Jordan – 3D Laser scanning and virtual tour -2022

      Jordan Industrial Port – 3D Laser scanning and virtual tour-2021

         Horse Roundabout Monument in Sahab City – 3D Laser scanning and virtual tour-2021

         Madaba Archalogical Buildings Documentation – 3D  virtual tour for all Archalogical Mosaic floors in Madaba-2021

               Pauls Church Documentation– 3D  Laser scanning & virtual tour-2021

       Qatar Schools – 3D  virtual tour for more than 11 Schools in Qatar--2020

        Bank of Jordan- Virtual tour and 2D plans-2020

if you need to get in touch regarding projects executed before 2020, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or by phone at 00962797203072. Well be happy to assist you with any inquiries or information you may need about those projects.


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